Analytic Rubrics

1.01: Students Effectively Communicates Orally in Front of an Audience

1.02: Students Effectively Communicate During Class Discussions

1.03: Students Communicate Effectively Through the use of Writing/ Scituate Analytic Writing Rubric

1.04: Students Listen Actively, Critically, and Responsibly

1.05: Students Demonstrate the Ability to Comprehend, Process, Evealuate, and Utilize Print and Visual Materials from a Variety of Genres

2.01: Students use Higher Order Thinking Skils to Research, Analyze, and Evaluate Information from a Variety of Sources

2.02: Students Use Critical Thinking Skills to Make Informed Decisions and Solve Problems

3.01: Students Participate in Self-Evaluation, Class Critiques & Class Discussion; 3.03: Student Participates Through Assignments, Projects, Performances and Research as Required by Curriculum,/a>

3.02: Students Demonstrate Iniative, Responsibility & Self-Discipline in Achieving Success in all Subjects

3.04: Students Work Cooperatively to Achieve a Shared Goal

4.01: Students Use Appropriate Technology in Content Areas; 4.02: Student Uses Appropriate Technology to Collaborate on Assigned Tasks in Content Areas

5.01: Students Demonstrate Originallity & Creativity in Their Work

5.02: Students Critically Interpret Various Forms of Human Expression