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The Art Department provides a variety of experiences and challenges, teaching students new skills and raising their awareness of the world around them. Participation in the Arts encourages increased visual perception, awareness of one's surroundings and promotes personal involvement in one's education. In all art classes, students study written and visual resources and maintain a portfolio/body of work. Introductory and Advanced studio art courses are offered. Students work in both 2D and 3D media and have the opportunity to exhibit their artwork in local and statewide exhibits. The Arts are part of the Core Curriculum as outlined in the Common Core of Learning.

Students are required to meet RI State Proficiency in the Arts.

Visual Arts education students:

  • perceive and understand visual and aesthetic relationships in the environment.
  • produce expressive works of art and discover the specific qualities of different art materials and how to use them.
  • learn to express feelings, experiences and ideas that they find meaningful.
  • acquire knowledge of the history of Art and Design.
  • evaluate works of art and make intelligent visual aesthetic judgments.
  • Course Descriptions

    Introductory Art Studio (0010)

    Credit- .5

    Grades: 9, 10, 11, 12

    Prerequisite: None

    This course fulfills half of the requirement for the RI State Proficiency in the Arts and is a pre-requisit for Computer Imaging and Fine Arts. Introductory Art Studio is a beginners' art course. Students learn the basics of 2D and 3D design processes. The Elements and Principles of Art and Design are emphasized as students explore drawing, painting, printmaking and ceramics. Study also includes: Visual Artists, Art History, Aethetics, Art Criticism and careers in the arts. Each lesson has a studio component in which painting, drawing, and design problems are explored. The class prepares students with a basic foundation in the Visual Arts. Students develop and maintain a portfolio of artwork reflective of their personal artistic growth.

    Introductory Computer Imaging and Fine Arts (0011)

    Prerequisite: Introductory Art Studio (0010). This course fulfills the hal-year requirement of computer literacy for college bound students, and offers .5 credits.

    This course provides a comprehensive investigation into the creation of original computer/multimedia generated art and design images using the computer. Students gain hands-on experience using digital cameras and computer art programs such as PhotoShop. Students learn how to operate and utilize digital cameras and video equipment in creating works of art. Students use digital photography, drawing, painting, and multimedia art-making processes to create artwork.

    Advanced Computer Imaging and Fine Arts (0015)

    This is a half-year course and offers .5 credit. Prerequisite: Introductory Computer Imaging and Fine Arts (0011).

    This course expands student knowledge of computer literacy. It provides an in depth study of Graphics, and more advanced ways to use the computer as a creative art-making tool. Students use various forms of multimedia along with professional graphics programs, including PhotoShop CS2, to produce computer-generated art, digital photography, graphic images and videos. Students investigate conceptual and visual problem solving through expanded design projects. Emphasis is on the development of ideas, the manipulation of typography, image, and graphic design principles. Assignments will incorporate drawing, painting, design and mixed media processes.

    Sclupture (0013)

    Prerequisite Art (0010) and Art (0011) This is a half year course and offers .5 credits.

    This course is a survey of basic sculptural materials and techniques. The class allows students to further explore the manipulation of mixed media materials, wood, ceramics, and wire and develop a comprehensive range of skills, knowledge and competencies three dimensionally. Students learn to apply the Elements and Principles of Design and investigate the process of additive and subtractive sculpture through the manipulation of materials. The fundamentals of design, modeling, casting, carving, and various methods of 3D construction will be emphasized. Students learn skills, philosophies and traditions of sculptural art forms. They develop technical hands-on skills, increase knowledge, and an appreciation for contemporary sculpture, while integrating aesthetic, cognitive, and affective skills.

    Ceramics (0016)

    This is a full year course and offers 1. Credit. Prerequisites: Introductory Art Studio (0010) and Introductory to Computer Imaging and Fine Arts (0011)

    This course provides students with a formal introduction to traditional and contemporary ceramic forms and processes, using a variety of hand building techniques, including pinch, coil and slab. Students will refine skills and learn advanced modeling techniques such as throwing second semester. They will develop aesthetic ideas through intermediate and advanced ceramic practices. Students are introduced to clay bodies, mold and stamp making, glazing and firing processes. Discussions and critiques are held to discuss Design/creation, Aesthetics, Art History and Art Criticism.

    Advanced Art Studio (0012)

    Prerequisite: Introductory Art studio (0010) and Introductory to Computer Imaging and Fine Arts (0011). This is a full-year course and offers 1 credit. Students will be allowed to add this course in the second semester for .5 credits with the instructor's permission and a portfolio review.

    This course provides the student with an in-depth and intensified study of the Visual Arts and encourages a problem-solving approach to assignments. The curriculum emphasizes working with and knowledge of three-dimensional media (clay, sculpture, and construction) and also various two-dimensional media (drawing, painting, airbrush and printmaking). Students visit local museums, participate in state- wide art competitions, and visit galleries. Art production, Art history, Aesthetics and Art criticism are emphasized.

    Advanced Portfolio Studio Honors (0027)

    Weighted Honors Course.Prerequisite: Introductory Art Studio (0010), Introductory to Computer Imaging (0011) This is a full year course offering 1 credit. Students may add this course second semester, with permission of the instructor, and receive .5 credit. In lieu of prerequisites, serious students, who have not taken any previous art courses, may elect this class with permission of the Department Chair and a portfolio review.

    The Advanced Portfolio Studio Art Program is for highly motivated Junior and Senior students who are interested in and committed to an intensified study of the Arts. The scope of work for this course is equivalent to that of an introductory college level course in studio art. Because of this, the workload involves significantly more time and effort than that of a typical high school Art class. Students must work outside the classroom a minimum of four (4) hours per week. Therefore, this course is not for the casually interested Art student, but is designed for the intrinsically motivated student.

    The class provides a special opportunity for advanced students to create, compile and professionally prepare a hard copy and/or digital portfolio for admission to art school or college upon graduation. Topics include building a strong portfolio and careers in the arts. Students regularly have the opportunity to have their work reviewed/evaluated by college representatives who visit the portfolio class throughout the year. Historically, Portfolio students have been accepted and offered scholarships to a variety of competitive art schools and universities throughout RI and the US. It is highly recommended that both eleventh and twelfth graders elect Portfolio classes in consecutive years. A two-year sequence has proven to be most successful in preparing a high quality body of work and portfolio for college admission.

    Visual Arts in Society- Rhode Island Early Enrollment Program Honors (0028)

    Weighted Honors Course. This is a half year college level Art class and has no prerequisite Students may elect to receive three (3) college credits in the Humanities from RIC. This course is appropriate for college bound juniors and seniors.

    This is an academic course in nature and studio projects are incorporated into specific topics under investigation. The course focuses on studio projects, papers, reports exams and class discussions. Students are introduced to the Visual Arts through readings in college level reference books, discussions, viewing of films and slides, museum visits and demonstrations by visiting artists. Students have the opportunity to learn more about painting, architecture, graphic design, mixed media, photography and sculpture.

    Careers in ART are abundant! Below is a list of potential ART careers to pursue!

    Architectural Photographers
    Art Critics
    Art Directors
    Art Teachers
    Arts Administrators
    Biomedical Illustrators
    Book Designers
    Children's Book Illustrators
    College Professors
    Community Art Educators
    Computer Game Artists
    Conservation Specialists
    Costume Designers
    Creative Directors
    Directors of Non-profit Arts Orginizations
    Editorial Illustrators
    Exhibition Designers
    Exhibiting Artists
    Fashion Designers

    Film and Video Producers
    Gallery Owners
    Information Architects
    Interior Designers
    Jewelry designers
    Master Printers
    Model Makers
    Multimedia Designers
    Museum Educators
    Photo Editors
    Portrait Artists
    Set Designers
    Sculptors for Public Spaces
    Studio Artists
    Textile Designers
    Video Artists
    Visual Interface Designers

    The following links will take you to our favorite sites and also provideyou will resources to use in class!

    Museum of Modern Art
    11 West 53rd street
    New York, NY 10019

    RISD Museum
    224 Benefit Street
    Providence, RI

    Whitney Museum of American Art
    945 Madison Avenue
    New York, NY 10021

    The Metropolitan Musuem of Art
    1000 Fifth Avenue at 82nd Street
    New York, New York 10028-0198
    Information: 212-535-7710

    Fuller Craft Museum
    455 Oak Street
    Brockton, Ma 02301

    Craft Museums

    American Textile History Museum, MA

    Bellevue Arts Museum, WA

    Cooper Hewitt Museum, NY

    Corning Museum of Glass, NY

    Craft and Folk Art Museum, CA

    Fabric Workshop and Museum, PA

    Houston Center for Contemporary Craft, TX

    Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft, KY

    Long Beach Museum of Art, CA

    Mint Museum, NC

    Museum of Contemporary Craft, OR

    Museum of Glass, WA

    Museum of Arts and Design, NY

    Racine Museum, WI

    The Museum of Craft and Folk Art, CA

    Schein-Joseph International Museum of Ceramic Art, NY

    The Textile Museum, DC