Alpha Team

Classroom Discipline Policy

Our behavioral expectations for students include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Be to class on time. Tardiness will result in penalties per Middle School Policy.

2. Come to class prepared-- with a covered text, notebook, pen, pencil, homework, agenda, reading book, calculator, and any other assigned materials. Students missing materials will be marked TARDY, in accordance with Middle School Policy.

3. Complete all assignments on time. See team make up policy.

4. Cheating -- If a student is caught cheating, both the student copying as well as the student supplying the work will receive zeros. If a student is caught cheating, they will be referred to the office.

5. Do not take or destroy things that do not belong to you. Ask teachers and classmates before “borrowing” their belongings. If you don’t, this is considered stealing.

6. Take care of things like finding a writing utensil, sharpening pencils, getting paper, retrieving folders, using the restroom, etc. BEFORE class begins.

7. Follow directions the first time they are given.

8. Refrain from eating, drinking, and chewing gum in class. Students are permitted to eat during scheduled “snack” time. Bottled water is the only permitted beverage per school policy.

9. Remain seated until dismissed by teacher-- this includes waiting to dispose of articles into the wastebasket until class is finished.

10. Behave in an appropriate manner. If a student’s conduct is inappropriate during class, they may receive a yellow slip or a disciplinary referral depending on the severity of the incident.

11. Be Kind.

Discipline Procedure

Failure to follow these rules will result in the following consequences:

1st offense: verbal warning

2nd offense: Yellow Slip

Yellow slips are discipline notification forms. If a student is issued a Yellow Slip, he/she must write what it is that he/she was supposed to be doing, what was actually being done that interfered with learning, and what the student will do to improve behavior. The classroom teacher keeps a copy of the notification form, and the student brings the original Yellow Slip home for a parent/guardian signature. The form must be signed and returned to the teacher the following day. Failure to return the signed form will result in a referral to the office and one detention.

Severe Clause: Arguing, fighting, swearing, bullying, harassment, or otherwise creating a threat to another individual or the learning environment will result in immediate dismissal to the principal’s office.

Substitute Teacher Contract

Our own happiness can be affected by how well we treat others.

Department Nights

Reminder: Core Department Nights are scheduled as follows:

Monday: Social Studies- Mrs. Clyde - 403(T-3)

Tuesday: English – Mrs. Limoges – 405(T-5)

Wednesday: Science – Mrs. Rasmusen - 417(T-17)

Thursday: Math – Ms. Mancini – 401(T-1)

NOTE: The Department Night schedule is subject to change due to scheduled faculty and department meetings. In this case, the team will make every effort to re-schedule Department Nights. As a result, there may be more than one department night scheduled for a particular day. Students will be permitted to split time between two Department Nights.

Course Requirements

English Class Expectations

Math Class Expectations

Social Studies Class Expectations

Science Class Expectations


Make Up Work Guidelines

Homework Rubric

Lack of Preparedness Notification

Yellow Slips