Guidance Department

Phone: (401) 647-4108

Guidance Faculty
Ms. Kaitlin Hitchings - Director of Guidance, ex. 2209
Grade 12
Mrs. Kristen Albertella, ex. 2211
Grades 6 & 7
Mr. Daniel Casey, ex. 2208
Grades 9 & 10
Mr. John Haas - ex. 2210*
Grades 8 & 11

Grades 8 to 9 Scheduling Information **** Parents and Students Please Read

Welcome to the Guidance Department Page

Greetings from the Guidance Department! The guidance counselors for Scituate Middle School are Mrs. Kristin Albertella and Mr. Henry Donnelly. During the 2015/16 school year, Mrs. Albertella is the counselor for the 6th and 7th graders and Mr. Donnelly for the 8th grade.

The counselors are available to students for support in academic and social/emotional areas. Counselors are also available to parents and may be reached by phone in the Guidance office at 647-4108.

The Middle School Guidance Department has developed a curriculum for all middle school grades. To begin each school year, counselors visit all classrooms to discuss SPARK -

Safety Personal Best Attitude Responsibility Kindness

The 6th grade curriculum includes classroom lessons focusing on middle school goal-setting, learning styles, empathy, friendship, personal responsibility, and career development.

The 7th grade curriculum includes lessons about emotions, healthy coping strategies, positive peer communication, and interests/work values inventories related to career development.

During the 8th grade academic year, even more emphasis is placed on career education activities.

High School Scheduling

In the early spring, 8th grade students will receive a high school Program of Studies, a book that contains all of the high school courses. The book will be reviewed in the classrooms and students will be given information about course graduation requirements. The book is then sent home for students to review with their parents.

Within a couple of weeks after books are sent home, Mr. Donnelly will sit down with 8th grade students individually to make schedule requests for 9th grade. Teacher recommendations will be written on the schedule form.

If students request classes that differ from what is recommended, a waiver form will be mailed home with the schedule requests. Parents then speak with teachers about recommendations, if needed, sign the forms, and return them to Mr. Donnelly in the Guidance office. Student schedules are finalized during the summer and are mailed home in August.

Individual Learning Plans (ILPs)

All of the students in the middle school have been developing and reviewing their Individual Learning Plans (ILPs). As mandated by the R.I. Department of Education, each student is required to develop goals each year in three areas: Academic, Career, and Personal/Social. Current 6th and 7th grade students complete ILPs on the WaytogoRI website.

Learning Styles

As part of helping students improve in the academic area, the middle school guidance counselors, working along with teachers, give students individual surveys in order to investigate their strengths within the eight Multiple Intelligences or Learning Styles. The learning styles include:

  1. Verbal Linguistic
  2. Visual Spatial
  3. Logical Mathematical
  4. Body Kinesthetic
  5. Musical Rhythmic
  6. Intrapersonal
  7. Interpersonal
  8. Naturalistic

After assessing their learning profiles, each student then identifies specific learning strategies or techniques that could be helpful for him/her. The list of strategies follows. To reinforce what students have learned about ways to make studying more effective and interesting, you may wish to ask your child(ren) which strategies he/she is trying and how each is working. Please contact Mrs. Albertella or Ms. Coleman in the Guidance office if you have any questions. The phone number is 647-4108.

Study Techniques for Different Learning Styles

Verbal Linguist:

Visual Spatial

Logical Mathematical

Body Kinesthetic

Musical Rhythmic: