Knight Team

Jonathan Dunne
Jill Fague
Maureen Kennedy
Ellen Rasmusson

Mission Statement

Our team is committed to helping students develop their intellectual abilities, increase their self-esteem, and cope with the changes they are experiencing. Through the teaching of self-discipline, organization, basic study skills, and problem solving, we hope to produce self-sufficient individuals.

Members of our team strongly promote literacy for all students, as we require reading and writing across the curriculum. Students are expected to take responsibility for their own education by continually striving toward their highest potential. Finally, we will make every attempt to show our students that learning is exciting.

Classroom Behavior Expectations

1. Respect others:

2. Bring all of your materials every day.

3. Requests to leave the classroom will be granted only in emergency situations

4. Remain seated in your assigned seat until your teacher dismisses you.

5. Arrive to class on time. Tardy to class will result in office detention.

Homework Policy

Daily Reading

Student Materials

You must bring your homework and the following items to every class period:

Department Nights

Monday- Math, Ms. Kennedy

Tuesday- Social Studies, Mr. Dunne

Wednesday- English, Mrs. Fague

Thursday- Science, Mrs. Rasmusson

Substitute Teacher Contract