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The Olympians are committed to providing and securing the first step on the bridge from elementary school to high school by meeting the unique needs of each incoming sixth grader in addition to fostering a close partnership between home and school. In an academically and physically safe environment, students will be challenged by a standards-based, integrated curriculum that will promote the development of a confident, respectful, responsible, community of learners who will uncover and strengthen their particular talents and abilities.

Team Expectations

1. Be prepared for class.

2. Listen to others' answers without prejudice.

3. Be respectful to others' ideas.

4. Strive to produce you "Personal Best" at all times.

5. Bring and put to use your skills from one classroom to the next.

6. Follow directions the first time given.

7. Use and maintain your agenda.

Team Rules

1. RESPECT: yourself, your school, and other people's property and rights.

2. Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.

3. Use appropriate language.

4. Do not disrupt the class.

5. Follow ALL school rules.


In addition to individual and group praise, students will be working towards quarterly team rewards. A quarterly celebration will occur if the team earns five hundred Olympic rings before the quarter ends. The team will be rewarded with rings for positive behavior we feel should be recognized, modeled, practiced, and in time internalized by all team members. These rings will be documented on a chart in one of the team classrooms.


The first time a team rule is broken by a student within a class period, he/she will receive a verbal warning.

The second time a team rule is broken by that same student within a class period, he/she will be sent to the middle school office to complete a behavior reflection sheet. The student will then return to class. A copy of the completed reflection sheet will be mailed home.

If that same student breaks a team rule a third time within a class period, the student will return to the middle school office with a school discipline referral for the principal.

SEVERE CLAUSE: If a student exhibits severe misbehavior such as fighting, open defiance, or vulgar language, the student will be sent immediately to the principal’s office with a note documenting the behavior to be addressed.

Any student who has completed a significant number of team behavior reflection sheets during the quarter will be excluded from the team celebration. Students who demonstrate difficulty following the Olympian Discipline Plan will meet with the team teachers and parents when necessary to develop individual plans to ensure future classroom success. In addition, any student who receives any detention, suspension or ALC (Alternative Learning Center) consequence may be excluded from the quarterly celebration.

Homework Policy

We believe that there is a direct connection between student achievement and homework completion. We assign homework because it is useful in the reinforcement of concepts and skills being taught in the class as well as teaching responsibility and helping foster the development of positive study and work habits. Homework may also be used to help provide the necessary background for an upcoming topic or lesson to be discussed.

We expect students to do their best job on homework. Homework should be neat. We expect students to do the work on their own and ask for help only after they have given it their best effort, unless it is a cooperative group or family activity. We will check all homework. We strongly believe in the value positive support plays in motivating children to develop good study habits. We will give students praise and other incentives when they do their homework.

We will assign homework Monday through Friday nights. Students should spend 60-90 minutes on school related activities. There may be days when there is no homework or the assignment is minimal. On such days, students should be reading, writing, studying, practicing math facts, or working on long-range projects. Daily homework that has not been completed by its due date cannot accomplish these objectives. Late homework will not be accepted and a zero grade will be recorded for that assignment. Long term graded assignments will lose 10 points each day it is late. No assignment will be accepted five days after its due date.

This year your child will be using an agenda. It is a daily record of work for which your child is responsible. Please check this agenda on a regular basis. The agenda will help you to know when homework or long-term projects are due. It should also indicate the dates of tests. Your child should write NH (no homework) in the blocks where there is no specific assignment given on that day.

Substitute Contract

You are expected to behave for a substitute teacher as you would with your regular classroom teacher.

You will be referred to the assistant principal if your name is left as a result of negative behavior, and you will receive a minimum of 1 detention.

You will be referred to the assistant priniciapl if you are removed from class, and you will receive a minimum of 2 detentions.

You are expected to complete all classwork that is assigned.

Whatever is not finished within the class period must be finished for homework. Even if the substitute forgets to remind you, you are expected to complete all work.

Keep your completed work for that day in your binder so your teacher can check it or collect it the next day.

Do not hand in any assignments to a substitute teacher. If you owe your absent teacher any work, do not give it to the substitute. You will not be penalized an additional day due to your teacher's absence. Give it to your teacher when he or she returns to school.

If you complete your work before the end of the class period, you are expected to read quietly until the end of class.

Department Nights

Monday-Music, Foreign Language, Guidance, Special Education, Nurse, School Psychologist

Tuesday- Language Arts/Social Studies- Mrs. Derosier, Physical Education, Health, Art, Reading

Wednesday- Science/Social Studies- Ms. Hall, Family/Consumer Science, Agriculture

Thursday- Math/Social Studies- Ms. McCarthy, Industrial Technology


School Web Page www.scituateri3.net/sms

Team email address: Olympians1@hotmail.com

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