Sentinel Team

John Barnes, Science
Jenn Bromage, Special Education
Margie Clyde, Social Studies
Riley Correia, Math
Keith Sanzen, English

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Are Seventh & Eighth Graders in the Same Classes?

Sentinel Team teachers have both seventh and eighth grade classes. Although we may hold special events and field trips together, seventh and eighth grade students are not mixed together in their academic subjects.

Sentinel Team Expectations:

Be Ready:

Be Responsible:

Be Respectful:

Homework Policy:


Homework is assigned to maximize the time in class by having students work independently when they can. Generally any given homework assignment serves one of two purposes: (1) To practice using knowledge or skills covered in class or (2) To prepare for an upcoming class.


Sometimes a student asks to copy a friend's homework so that he or she does not get a 0 for a homework assignment. This undermines the purpose of the homework (practicing and preparing) and Gryphon Team teachers consider it cheating. Students who are caught copying homework in class will have both papers confiscated. Both the student who is copying and the student that allowed the copying receive 0 for the assignment.

Similarly students caught cheating on a test or quiz are given a disciplinary referral and receive a 0 on the test or quiz in question.

Making-Up, Handing in Late & Revised Assignments:

We believe that homework is a worthwhile endeavor and not just "busy work." We believe that there is a value in completing the work and we want to give students incentive in completing missing assignments.

The value of making up any given assignment is at the discretion of the individual teacher. When permission is given for homework to be handed in late, it should be done so in a timely manner (no more than one week) as so to be consistent with practicing a new skill or bringing in needed materials.

Agenda Signing Process

Although it is not a requirement for all students, some parents find it helpful to have their children’s agenda signed. When such a request is made, teachers work with parents and students in the AGENDA SIGNING PROCESS.


Students are responsible for bringing their agenda to class, writing down the assignment and bringing it up to the teacher at the end of class. Students are then responsible for bringing the agenda home, showing it to their parents and completing the assignment.


Teachers are responsible for checking to make sure the assignment is written correctly before signing it. Teachers may make additional notes or respond to parent questions. Teachers update homework completion on Power School Online Grade Book so parents can monitor progress.


Parents are responsible for checking the agenda at home and signing the agenda. If their child does not bring the agenda home signed, it is the parent’s responsibility to assign an appropriate consequence so that the child remembers the following day.