Unified Arts Team

Kristin Archambault karchambault@scituateri.net
Tim Brown tbrown@scituateri.net
Russel Furlong rfurlong@scituateri.net
Deborah Kintzing dkintzing@scituateri.net
Otilia Nobrega onobrega@scituateri.net
Heather Paquette hpaqueete@scituateri.net
Paula Paquette ppaquette@scituateri.net
Mark Reed mreed@scituateri.net
Leann Rutherford lrutherford@scituateri.net
Joan Selfridge jselfridge@scituateri.net

The Unified Arts program meets for 36 consecutive days in 6th grade. The Titans meet during Period 3, the Olympians meet during Period 4.

The 7th and 8th grade program meets for 30 consecutive days. The 7th grade meets during Period 2, the 8th grade meets during Period 6.

The Unified Arts program incorporates the importance of respecting yourself, respecting others, and taking responsibility for your actions.

Student’s grades will be based on: tests, quizes, homework, class assignments, projects and class participation.

Teachers can be contacted by email on the Scituate Web Site or calling the school.